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"The last class was great. I really got a lot out of it. I am really impressed with the professionalism of the course. I'm happy to be a part of it."
- M. Rigby

" has given me a jump start in my new career as a recovery coach. The course material was comprehensive, yet easy to understand, even for a beginner like myself. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to learn the ropes of recovery coaching as a profession."
- D. Farish

"My coaching experience with your organization was the jumping point for my entire professional career. After completed your program, I desired even more training and completed my Certified Peer Specialist certification and my education hours for my Certified Addiction Counselors certification. Now I am in the process of finishing my undergrad in human services, with plans to enter grad school in social work in the next year and half."
- Kris Shock, CPS

"This class is more than I expected and contains much more content delivered in a very well organized curriculum. Good work Sober Network."
- J. Groomer

"I am very impressed with the depth and the level of professionalism in this course. I wasn't sure what to expect before I enrolled but I am pleasantly surprised."
- Karen

" I really wanted to thank you for putting together such a comprehensive course which will allow me to set up for Course 2. I feel so invigorated with my recovery because of all this new knowledge and the opportunity to put into use."
- L.J.Schwartz

"I have learned so much about becoming a Recovery Coach. Learning the four E's was an eye opener for me. I think that it can help me in any relationship in life, not just becoming a Recovery Coach. I also was encouraged with the "Finding Client Strengths". I feel it is very important as humans to have our positives in life pointed out and NOT just our negatives. I am very excited to implement the Goal Setting Skills in my own life. I found the most interesting modules the "Cultural Competency" and "Mental Health and Dual Issues". I learned so much from both of those Modules. Thank you for putting this together!!!"
- Bambi Callaway

"Interesting facts, research, statistics, sensitive topics such as cultural, ethnic, historical, family values considerations; key motivational and strength-based communication skills, ethical considerations."
- Judith St. Louis

"This was a great course to excel at a trained Recovery Coach."
- Leticia Stanton

"I felt that the material presented covered the objectives I had. I did not enter this program with any particular aim, other than trying to understand how best I can help clients that leave treatment. I felt that the material presented did a great job of explaining what my capacity could be."
- Kristina Morgan

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