About Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is the latest addition to the growing product line developed by sober.com. Following the mission of the site, coaching is being implemented to address the growing demand for a level of care that is accessible, flexible and most importantly affordable. It is our intent to integrate our face-to-face coaching with our proven online aftercare tool, FlexDek. 

Coaching is a re-invention of the grassroots peer based counseling. It takes us back to the time when committed, impassioned and enthusiastic people were willing to go the distance. Hang in there with one another assist in the process of change. Recovery Coaching is not new. It has been around for a long as people, just called different things through time. 

We as evolving creatures tend to seek out guidance and support, seek out closeness and affirmation of our very existence. Coaches do more than lead the cheers, they help provide a critical ingredient that often is missing, accountability.