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Become a Recovery Coach

Why You Should Become a Recovery Coach

The characteristics of a great coach lie within each of us. We have managed to negotiate our lives to this point and have a wealth of life experience to share on “how we did it”. Granted, our life may not be all we dreamed about, but our own recognition of this is one of the strongest attributes we offer, self-honesty.

Coaching candidates who possess the willingness to go the distance, have the drive, determination, perseverance to learn and implement new strategies make the best coaches.

Clients benefit from healthy modeling, encouragement, and positive validation for their efforts. If you have what it takes, hesitation to call is delaying your entry into this new and exciting field.

The opportunities for recovery coaching are abundant. We provide services for people seeking assistance for all of life’s transitions. For instance, if we just focus on the social health epidemic of substance abuse, the transition of getting help with that issue alone is enormous. People pre-contemplate change, like going to detox, going to rehab, or when they discharge from either, a recovery coach is part of that journey. Another example may be when we examine people’s health, think medical, think of a new diagnosis, like being told you have a chronic disease, like diabetes or asthma. Change at this point is critical. A recovery coach can be instrumental in assisting a person to negotiate this crucial pending change.